Principal:  Mrs. Karen Downey

Assistant Principal:  Mr.  Jeffrey Maynard

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Kelly Molito

Principal's Message:

Welcome to Conley School

Dear Families,

At the Louise A. Conley School, we believe that smart isn’t something you are; it is something you become. We strive to provide our students with the highest quality instruction based on proven practice and research. We use data to drive our instruction and work diligently to ensure that our students receive the education they will need to become strong members of the community. 

This is our Conley School Pledge; we recite it every day on our school news program:  I must work hard today to get smarter in every way, helped by my family, my teachers and my friends.   If I make some mistakes, I have what it takes to keep trying until I really succeed.

The five minutes it takes us to reflect in the morning is often all a child, or staff member, needs to reset for the day and get into school mode.  We talk about a “Growth Mindset”, as opposed to a “Fixed Mindset.”  Someone with a fixed mindset believes that a person is born smart and that nothing they do will change that.  But a person with a growth mindset believes that with hard work, anything can be accomplished and that mistakes help our brains grow stronger.  That is our message to our students. Our staff share their own stories with students as a way to model and remind students that we all make mistakes and that our mistakes are what help our brains to grow.  

We are always looking for ways to meet the needs of our students and to make learning meaningful and engaging.  We provide learning opportunities for all our students by promoting creativity, curiosity and exploration and by educating the whole child, academically, socially and emotionally.  We want to partner with you to raise not just good students but good citizens.  

Mrs. Downey

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